Benefits of Early Childhood Music Programs


Research shows that early childhood is a window of opportunity to increase the lifelong music aptitude of a child and exposure to music in early childhood has a positive effect on brain and language development. The Music Pups curriculum capitalizes on this critical time period. Close interactions with parents and caregivers ensures that the students achieve basic music competence during these critical years. Joyce’s music class also incorporates a lot of fun and bonding for the families. Every song is designed with a fun activity in mind and exposure to important musical elements. The musical activities that are learned in class require parental involvement and teach the parents different ways to interact with their children while listening to the songs. The musical program was professional designed with the adult in mind as the music is not simplistic or babyish. Parents will enjoy listening to the music with their children and by providing the CD for families to enjoy outside of class, the bond through the use of music and activities is extended to beyond class hours.

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